Tuesday, February 20, 2007

They say the difference between toys for men and toys for boys is the cost. For over twenty years I photographed military reenactments and the people who entertain themselves by recreating wars. It costs alot of money to totally immerse yourself in a moment from past history. That is the buzz of this hobby. To feel like you are living the moment. One well known author once said that people who recreate the past end up experiencing the present more fully. Very Zen thought if you take the time to savor it.
Over the years I photographed 18 different historic time periods of warfare. Everything from medieval thugs bashing each other with broad swords to the pretend jungles jungles of South Vietnam. In between I witnessed battles and camp life from our Revolutionary War, Civil War, World Wars One and Two and smaller skirmishes in between.
Every January renactors meet at Fort Indiantown Gap Pennyslvania to refight the World War Two Battle of the Buldge. Several thousand American and German soldiers fight alongside vintage tanks and other tracked vehicles. With a little help from nature they may even have a foot of snow to sludge through. All are wearing authentic period uniforms and weapons. To do otherwise is to be considered "FARBY," or far be it for me to criticise you.......

Monday, February 19, 2007